Birthday Cakes for Foster Kids

So, our family's fun project for this year is....
Making Birthday Cakes for local foster kids!!
How cool is that?! I have been searching and searching for a local community service project that my young kids could participate in and have had no luck. Until......
We heard that there were local kids that had never had much of a birthday celebration and we knew we could definitely help out! I really admire people that are foster parents, they have such a tough job and share so much of their time, love, and talents. It's almost impossible to make every single child's birthday special. So, we have been working with our local agency and will be making a couple cakes a month--we'll feature some here for you.
This is a great family project, it's something we can all participate in! The kids can all help decorate and they have been so excited to help make someone else's birthday happy! Little H was a great helper!

If you're interested, contact your local foster agency and I'm sure you can set something up. If you live in the West or Pacific Northwest, we have been working with Olive Crest. You can contact them here.
First off is a birthday cake for Mr. C, an adorable little guy!
Of course he's never had a birthday cake, he's turning 1! He has 6 foster brothers/sisters living at his house, so we made two separate cakes. The first one is just for Mr. C, a huge fan of trucks:We bought an
Eco Truck, filled the back with chunks of chocolate cake (Betty Crocker Triple Chocolate Fudge, yum!), and drizzled chocolate ganache on top. I wish I was there to see him get into it!

The family mentioned that they once had an "orange creamsicle" cake that they loved, so we made an orange jell-o cake for everyone (Betty Crocker French Vanilla Cake mix and orange jell-o), complete with an edible picture of Mr. C driving a truck.
Happy Birthday, Mr. C!

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