Spooktacular Breakfast Buffet

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This fun and spooky breakfast buffet takes the award for the easiest, cheapest, and most fun party I've set up! Hooray!
I wanted to have a little Halloween Playdate Party for my younger girls & friends, but seriously, what do you make for toddlers? Although I'd love to spend days making fun Halloween food for them, it's not worth your time! So, I whipped up this Spooktacular Breakfast Buffet! My kids LOVE special breakfast cereals and thought this was so cool! I went off some of the ideas I made last year for our Witches Brew Puddings and it turned out so great!

The best part? You can download and print the templates
here and whip up your own in under 20 minutes!
I bought the goblets, bowls, and accessories all at our local dollar store.
Now that's a spookily easy party that's a hit with all ages!

No Spooktacular Buffet is complete without:
"Ghost's Blood" (Milk)

"Frog's Eyes" (Trix)

"Eye of Newt" (Cheerios)
"Bat Droppings" (Cocoa Puffs--this was my kids' favorite)
"Tombstones" (Chex with a dollar store foam tombstone taped to the front)
"Bone Pieces" (Lucky Charms)
"Mystical Moonbeams" (Marshmallows)
"Spooky Goblets" to mix your potion in! (from dollar store)

in case you can't read or download the poem, it says:
It’s Halloween and time for treats,
But be careful about the things you eat!
If you’re brave here’s what to do,
We’ll mix up a little Witches Brew!
Pick your potion, mix it well,
and we’ll see if you fall under a spell!
If you turn into a frog, don’t have a fright,
You’ll turn back tomorrow night. Boo!!

Spook-tacular Buffet
Milk jugs
Trix Cereal
Cocoa Puffs Cereal
Corn Chex Cereal
Cheerios Cereal
Trix Cereal
Plastic Goblets (from dollar store)
Poem and Labels (download
Black construction paper
Double-sided tape
Foam tombstone (optional, from dollar store)


Print and cut out templates. Attach poem to goblets. Tape labels to serving dishes and bowls. Using black construction paper, cut out eyes and a mouth for your "milk jug ghosts". Attach with double-sided tape.

Attach tombstone to box of Chex with double-sided tape. Fill bowls with various cereals to match the labels. Call in the spooks and watch it disappear!

Come back tomorrow for the kickoff of a week of fun giveaways! Hooray!

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