Halloween Bentos

I'm a huge Bento fan and I've seen so many cute ones lately that I had to share! It's not too late to make up a spooky lunch next week!
In fact, the week after Halloween is the best time for a fun and spooky lunch--I'm hoping to lure my kids in to eat some healthy lunches and forget about all their candy!;)

Also, while you're getting recipes ready for the upcoming Holidays, you should know that Alouette and Chavrie are having a First Annual Facebook Fan Recipe Contest! The winning recipes will receive a $100 gift card from Cooking.com. It’s a great ‘starter’ contest assigned to a great food name. You can check them out here and here. I'll be working on some ideas!

Back to Bentos! Los Dragonnes has a ton of great ideas, this one is my favorite. Do you ever get the feeling your lunch is watching you??

This dastardly "Macbeth-inspired" pot of treats is from Cloud9Food. It would be so easy to add some string cheese and pieces of hot dog or olives to a bowl of soup or whatever you're serving for lunch.

Learn how to make this cutie at Adventures in Bentomaking:

Oh, do I love that Sherimiya from Happy Little Bento --she has some adorable ideas:
The "ghost" is a cut-out slice of mozzarella cheese.

It's not a bento, but what kid could resist "Monsters on a Stick" from Kellie at Little Nummies? I'm thinking you could use all sorts of tasty veggies, fruits, and pretzels to make some fun creations!

And, for a healthy and sweet treat, follow Obsessively Stitching's idea and put some electrical tape on the outside of an orange. Easy and so cute!

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