Crab Rangoon & Peach Sauce

I recently received a few coupons from Nasoya and decided to try their won ton wraps, I use won ton wrappers all the time, especially during the Holidays for quick appetizers. So, I thought I'd share a family favorite recipe, Crab Rangoon with Peach Sauce! I was happy with the wraps, they easily came apart and didn't tear when handling or cooking. They have a GREAT entertaining recipe book that's free to download and also a searchable recipe site here.I've always loved Crab Won Tons (or Crab Rangoon), but they're expensive in the restaurants. So, in high school, we whipped up our own version and it's been a favorite ever since. I made them for Gourmet Dad when we were dating and I think it was a major factor in landing that hunk!
You can make about 50 of these for about $5, which is a lot cheaper and tastier than any restaurant version that I've had. The cold and a little tart peach sauce is the perfect compliment. Enjoy!
1 pkg. Nasoya won ton wraps (can be found in the produce section)
1 pkg. cream cheese, softened
1 pkg. imitation crab meat (about 8 oz.), found in the seafood section of the grocery store
chopped Green onion to taste (about 2-3 stems chopped up)
Garlic salt to taste
1 can diced water chestnuts, diced (if desired, I don’t use them)

Put all except wraps in mixer and mix until well blended and the crab is in small pieces. Place one heaping teaspoon in the center of each won ton skin--if you put so much in that the skin breaks when you fold them, it will explode when cooking!

Dip your fingers into a glass of water and wet two edges of the skin. Fold into a triangle and press all edges to seal. I know you can do all kinds of fancy folds, but honestly, this is faster and you can get in more filling (very important!):)

Fry in hot oil (at least 375 degrees) until brown, 30-60 seconds each side. The filling is already cooked, so you just need to make sure the outside is cooked.
1 large can peaches (packed in juice or light syrup is best)
White or Apple Cider vinegar to taste (about 5 Tbs.)
Honey or Sugar to taste

Drain peaches and set juice aside (you can save the juice if you want to add more later to thin the sauce). Put peaches, vinegar, and honey in blender and adjust sugar/vinegar until you get the sweet/sour taste that you want. Serve with Crab Rangoon and rice.

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