It's Cookoff Day!

Last night all the finalists had an amazing dinner at 700 Drayton, what a good looking group!
Check out the restaurant...gorgeous!
I loved all the finalists and was especially excited to meet the uber-fantastic Cynthia. She is a bundle of fun!
In the morning, the Side Dish finalists were first off--here we are ready to roll!!
As we were prepping for the cookoff, Jamie Deen walked in the room! We had such a fun chat, you would probably think it was all about food but actually he had some genius potty-training tips for my toddler. Thanks, Jamie!!
Of COURSE we were all taking photos!
and videos...
Got my makeup and hair done, I'm ready to cook! Hopefully tomorrow I'll have pictures from the cookoff, the set was BEAUTIFUL! You can see photos right now on the Real Women of Philadelphia site.
As a side note, there are chandeliers ALL OVER the Mansion at Forsyth Park!
It's every girl's dream! I have four chandeliers in my room!!
So grateful to be here...more tomorrow!

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