Zhu Zhu Pet Snacks

This week, we were lucky enough to try out the brand new Kung Zhu Pets! They are incredible! I'll be doing a fun post on them in the "family fun" section soon. To celebrate, we made Zhu Zhu Pet treats to serve at out little party. My girls had never had a Twinkie before and boy were they in heaven! I hope you have fun whipping these up with your own little hamster fans. Enjoy!

Zhu Zhu Pet Treats
Mini M&M's (for eyes)
Butterscotch chips (for tails)
Yellow Starburst Candies (for ears)
Pink Jelly Belly Candies (for noses)
White Icing
uncooked thin spaghetti noodles, optional (for whiskers)

Set twinkie on plate and add two dots of whit icing, as shown below.
Smooth icing dots together to make your Zhu Zhu's face.
Gather your goodies and get ready to decorate!
Cut a yellow starburst candy into four pieces and microwave for 5-8 seconds. Use each piece to shape an "ear" (one candy will make four ears). Attach to twinkie with icing.
Using icing, attach M & M candies, butterscotch chip tails, press jelly bean into face, and add whiskers (optional). Pipe out icing "wheels" on each side of the Zhu Zhu treat. If your kids want to go crazy, you can let them make some BATTLE ARMOR for their Kung Zhu treats! (My kids used fruit roll ups and pringles:)).

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