RWOP Recipes!

I've got a yummy breakfast recipe coming for ya!
But first, I wanted to highlight some of the Real Women of Philadelphia that are coming to compete in Savannah next week!
I'll be there cooking up my Asparagus Pastry, hoping to impress Paula Deen and win $25,000! You can watch the live event here at 8 PM EST on June 30!

A lot of the finalists have been getting press, TV interviews, etc., but these three amazing women live in a tough market (no one seems to want good news in D.C. right now!:)). They've been trying so hard to get the word out about being finalists for the Real Women of Philadelphia and are so incredibly special that I want to make sure everyone possible sees how great they are. Also, you'll love their recipes! Enjoy!

Sheila Cutchlow is one impressive woman! She's personable, talented, and can talk ALL DAY about food. When she's not in the kitchen, you can find her scuba diving or helping out anyone who needs a hand. You'll LOVE her Chicken Bundles & Rice.

Lindsay Rudolph is an elementary physical education teacher. That in and of itslef should get her some kind of award! She's a super-cute and fun mom and her oatmeal apple cream pies are FABULOUS!

Annette Gladys is such a great example to me of what a mom should be! She's been at home with her kids for over 20 years and now that they're grown, she's finding more time to experiment in the kitchen. She's taught them to love cooking from a young age and I can't wait to see her in Savannah! Check out her Stuffed Mushrooms!

Wish me luck in Savannah! I leave this weekend for the cookoff of a lifetime!! I did an interview yesterday on New Day Northwest and made my dish, you can watch it here. It was so fun!

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