"F" is for Flower Cupcakes

Is is Spring yet? I found these quick cupcakes and they were a hit.
(I think they were from Family Fun, I don't know...it was clipped out in my files:)).

*Start with your favorite cupcake, baked according to box directions.
*Frost with any color icing, your choice!
*For the flowers, simply cut marshmallows in thirds (let the older kids do it, they think it's super-cool), put a gumdrop in the center, and let everyone arrange the marshmallow "petals".

Notes: You can buy strawberry marshmallows for pink petals if you have a girly crowd. Or, after you cut it, you can dip the sticky side of the marshmallow in colored sugar for a sparkly flower! We did a couple colors of background icing to make a colorful garden.
Click image to enlarge and happy cooking!

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