"Gift" Cake

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OK, I'm revealing one of my deepest secrets. Whenever I need a quick, fast, and adorable cake, and need to clean out my cupboard, this is my #1 pick. I LOVE IT!!!! I found it a couple years ago in a birthday party magazine and I've been hooked ever since. It's fabulous on so many levels....

*Every time we've made it it's gotten rave reviews.
*You can decorate this cake in about 5-10 minutes.
*It's pretty hard to mess up. My kids have done some wild candy on them but it seems to just add to the cuteness.
*For a big party, you could make several for a fabulous tablescape that doubles as dessert.
So, grab some candies that you've hidden in the cupboard and have fun! There are so many great combos...I'm thinking of making a creme de menthe cake with chocolate frosting and York Patties decorating it. Yum!

Gift Cake

-Your favorite 9 x 13" cake (or any size. Cut in half for two cute presents!)
-Fruit by the Foot
-Candy, any kind


Simply frost a 9 x 13" cake with any color frosting (white is shown here)
Lay two strips of Fruit by the Foot across the cake (see picture)
Make two loops with Fruit by the Foot for a "bow" and add two tails.
Decorate with your favorite candy. We've used M & M's, suckers, gumdrops, Smarties, Skittles, just about everything.


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