Doughnut Seeds

I saw The Moody Fashionista's "Donut Seeds" a few weeks ago and thought they were just adorable! Plus, isn't her daughter the cutest?!
So, when the time came to make a snack for Little C's class, we knew what it should be! They're inexpensive and easy to put together for a large group. Perfect!
We added some Fruit Loops for color and made our own Doughnut Seed (or Donut...tomato, tomahto...:)) labels that you can download here. You can choose larger labels (4 per page) or smaller labels (8 per page--this is a large file because the graphics are high res, so be patient!)
Doughnut Seeds
Fruit Loops
Ziploc Baggies
Large or Small Doughnut Seed Labels

Put desired amount of Cheerios & Fruit loops in each bag. Print and cut out labels. Tape a label on each bag. Gobble. Here's Little H in "ready to gobble" position...
Here's our sea of donut seed bags ready to go to school! This is also a great Letter D snack!


Angela said...

Thank you so much for such a neat idea!!

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne B. said...

OMG.. I love these!! Tons of ideas for the holidays!! Perhaps for halloween we will make these but call them "Full moon seeds!"

I love your ideas!

I always feel like a thief when I use them.

Mandy said...

Love the Full Moon Seeds idea!! SO cute for Halloween!

PLEASE use my ideas! That's the only reason I ever spend time posting--this is just a labor of love for me, hoping that SOMEONE uses the ideas and has fun for/with their kiddos! In no way is this website a business or anything of the sort. So, please, use them and enjoy!:)

One day, I hope to publish a cookbook with all the proceeds going to a children's charity. I gotta get Little H in school first...:)

Mandy said...

Angela, you're welcome! enjoy!

Diane said...

Love this! I am so making this with my 3 year old pre school class. They will love it! We will be doing letter D in October :). Thank you for the labels

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

too cute!!

Mary Leonardini said...

This is soooooo cute!!!!
Thank you so much for your sharing your creativity and wonderful sense of humor!

Much love,


Kat said...

Just a thought. When you offer those downloads on pdf, you might like to put your web address etc at the bottom. Sometimes I download craft ideas and don't use them for a while and then I want to attribute or tell my friends. It helps when I can find you easily from the pdf I downloaded. Great idea by the way :)

kidtimes said...

We just became Twitter friends. I am going to LOVE reading your blog! The Donut Seeds are soooo cute. We have been giving little guests at the store bags of animal crackers and the seeds would be a fun change.


Christene from WhipperBerry said...

Ahh! How cute and fun! These are great! Thanks for sharing!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

GREAT idea for a class snack! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

suzanne cabrera said...

So, so clever!!!! I love it. The color is a fun addition as well!

Phoenix's Muse said...

I can't help but be repulsed by how incredibly unhealthy that is, despite how "clever" and "cute" it is. You could make colorful loops by putting fruit in the freezer, blending it up and then dripping it onto a plate in loops of bright colors.

Mandy said...

Muse, that's a great idea! I love it and can't wait to try it!

I have to admit that I have no problems giving my kids sugared cereal once in awhile. I figure that if OCCASIONALLY they get processed/sugary foods, they won't go crazy when they're at friend's houses. Since they have occasional treats at home it's not a big deal when they come across sugary processed foods outside our house, in fact, they often refuse them.

That said, I totally believe that the closer you can get to the natural state of a food, the better it is. We love having a garden, going to local u-pick farms, and buying organic meats. I try not to cook veggies too much and eat raw foods as much as possible. For my own diet, I rarely eat any refined sugar or white flour. Most meals I make for my fam are the same. But yes, they do have treats once in awhile.:) The kids I've seen that have super-strict parents go CRAZY when they get around sugar outside the home. So, we do enjoy fun treats occasionally and it works for us.

cookies and cups said...

This is the cutest idea!!

bridget {bake at 350} said...

This is totally how I garden! ;) Too cute.

Miki said...

Awe, they're adorable!!! Thank you so much for sharing! ;D

Hope you have a great week!