Sparkling Side Dishes

As I have been hosting the "Make to Impress" Side Dish Challenge at The Real Women of Philadelphia this week, I've been blown away by everyone's creativity!
If you're looking for great entertaining and Holiday recipes, look no further! You can see the whole gallery
here. Get ready to blow your guests away!
Here are a few favorites that I just had to share!
(click text or image for recipe)
Elegant Layered Eggplant by Josee Lanzi

Sushi in a Pan by Raquel Martes
Sweet Potato Turkey Bacon Baskets by Mindie Hilton
(Thanksgiving leftovers, anyone? YUM!)

Coconut Lemongrass Rice by Hoopfinity
Avocado that Sounds like Meatloaf by Jeffrey Goldade
Flambeed Mushrooms Au Poivre by Melissa Scott

Holiday Playlist

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