12 Days of Christmas Cookies

Merry Christmas!
I love gorgeous cookies but honestly, I'm a terrible artist. So, for those of us that are “icing challenged”, edible images are a lifesaver!

Even though I can't draw, I do have some fabulously talented friends! My amazing friend Annie drew these 12 Days of Christmas designs for me and we are so happy that they’re available to you for free to download and print!

Not many people own edible image printers but if you take this graphic to your local bakery or supermarket, they should be able to do it for you for a few dollars per sheet.
These couldn’t be more simple to make! I started with a pouch of Betty Crocker Gingerbread Cookie Mix. Prepare as directed on package and roll it out and cut into circles. No need for a fancy cookie cutter—use a drinking glass!
Bake as directed then frost the middle with a thin layer of your favorite icing. Cut out images, peel off backing, and place on top of the icing, pressing gently. Tip: if your images are sticky or aren’t coming off the backing, pop them in the freezer for a few minutes and they will peel right off. Pipe out a border of icing around edges. Done!
Click here to download your free 12 Days of Christmas template.
Tip: No access to an edible image printer? You can print these fun images on your regular printer as gift tags to top your cookie plates.

Do you have a favorite Christmas cookie? I've got a cookie exchange this week and need some inspiration!
Please link up your favorite cookie posts so we can all try them out!

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