Elf Tinker Toy Snacks

Right now my kids are getting treats at school, treats from neighbors, treats from the post office, you name it. So, for their upcoming Holiday class parties, I wanted to bring along something semi-healthy along with the goodies. Now, if you told me last week that I'd be taking pretzels and cheese cubes to my kid's class party, I would have thought you were nuts. Unless...
We use a little imagination and turn them into
Elf Tinker Toys!
This just goes to show that simple things can be crazy fun with a little imagination. Not only is it a great snack, the kids can have some fun playing with their food. The baggie toppers I made are yours free to download! Click here or on the image below to open and print.
Elf Tinker Toy Snacks
(do we really need a recipe...?!)
Cheese Cubes
Pretzel Sticks
Directions: Place desired amount of each in a baggie and attach label. Take a bubble bath or do something productive with all the time you just saved. Hooray!
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