Fancy Soup Shots

Christmas is over, are you wiped out? Don't forget that New Year's Eve is coming!
One of my favorite things to do when entertaining is to "dress up" comfort foods. Everyone loves them and they're easy to make. Plus, they're all the rage right now.
Above are my "Tomato Soup Shots". Aren't they fun? I simply put warmed Progresso Tomato & Basil soup in shot glasses, cut up grilled cheese sandwiches into triangles and balanced them on the top! So easy, inexpensive and they always disappear as fast as I can make them! I used bamboo skewers but you can use toothpicks as well. You could change up the soups, use a parmesean crisp or a simple piece of toast, the possibilities are endless!
Tip: if you don't have shot glasses, use clean votive candle holders! You can usually find them for 50 cents or less.
Cheers to easy entertaining for the New Year!

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