Mixed Up Snowman Snacks

I've been crazy busy lately and it has made me discover something...
Holiday Treats don't need to be fancy or complicated to be special!
We whipped up these Mixed-Up Snowman Snacks for Little C's school class and they were a huge hit. There was absolutely no cooking involved, just a few fun ingredients and some imagination.
And, we've made it super easy for you to re-create! Simply gather your ingredients, put into baggies, and print and attach the label I made. Enjoy!
Mixed-Up Snowman Snacks
Pretzel Sticks
Junior Mints Candies
Orange Sprinkles (the long variety)
Fruit Roll-ups, cut into strips
Small Marshmallows
Mini Chocolate Chips
Sandwich Baggies
Snowman Bag Labels

Put desired amount of ingredients into baggies (you can do however much of each that you want). Download and print the Mixed-Up Snowman Snack Label. (click image to download)
In case you can't read the poem, it says:
Serve to your favorite little (or big!) people and do something fun with all the extra time you saved. I just may get out Christmas cards this year, ha!

And, FYI, if you're looking for a fun, relaxing, romantic read, grab copies of Incognito and Mr. Malcom's List by Suzanne Allain. I bought them to read during my recent travels and both were absolutely delicious! They have great characters, plenty of romance (and it's clean!), and several laugh-out-loud places. I don't usually talk about books but these are seriously MUST READS!! I'm going to be buying copies for my girlfriends this Christmas and I am double crossing my fingers that she writes more books!
Be sure to come back later this week--we are having an AMAZING giveaway (hint: it's the #1 item on my Christmas Wish List!) to celebrate Gourmet Mom's 3rd Birthday!

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